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Dental Care for Our Pups That They Actually LOVE

During the pandemic, my partner and I adopted two pandemic pups, Nellie, a little chihuahua, and Albert, a hefty pug. Well, they aren't technically pups - they were both age 10 at adoption, and are now 11-years-old.

When adopting any dog from a rescue, their previous healthcare, including dental care, is going to be a big unknown. This is especially true when adopting a senior dog. In the case of Nellie and Albert, their teeth were both pretty much a mess when they came to us, and we're not even sure how many of their original teeth they still have. Brushing is a real challenge for these two, because Albert will just lick all of the toothpaste off of the brush right away, and Nellie will try to bite your whole hand off. So, we needed HELP.

We asked our vet for some recommendations, and wow did she have some good ones! We got these denty sticks and this toothpaste, and both dogs love both products! This is a huge accomplishment, because while Albert will eat anything, Nellie is extremely picky. They both think the denty sticks and toothpaste are a treat! While you can certainly use either item on its own, we've had the most success using them in combination. For Albert, we cut a denty stick in half and then dip it in some toothpaste. This is like a popsicle stick to him! For Nellie, we squirt some toothpaste into a little bowl, then dice up the denty sticks really small, and add them to the bowl with the toothpaste, swirling them around together. This is like ice cream at a birthday party for her! Here are some pics of them enjoying the dental care combo. You can buy the denty sticks here and the toothpaste here.

And, watch them stumble over each other to get their teeth on these goodies. Don't worry, no pups were harmed in the filming of this video! We hope your pups enjoy these products as much as ours do!

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