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Our Chihuahua's Favorite Jacket

During the beginning of the pandemic, my partner and I adopted an 8-lb chihuahua named Nellie from a local rescue. She was 10-years-old at the time, and now is 11-years -old, according to the vet's best estimate. This dainty little old lady loves soft blankets and sweaters. Living in a colder climate, cuddly jackets are a must for this shivery girl. So, when we found one she really liked, we got it in three different colors! You can find it here.

It comes in additional colors, and we might grab a few more. For reference, hers is a size Medium, but she could probably pull of a Small. They're lined with a very soft fleece material on the inside, and the snap shut on the bottom. They also have a hood, which snaps down in the back to keep it from flopping around on her head. Nellie loves napping as much as she loves soft things, and we often find her napping while she's wearing this jacket. That's how comfy and cozy it is!

Pick up one for your pup here, where you'll find a sizing chart, reviews, and all of the available colors. We hope your dog loves this jacket as much as Nellie does!

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